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  • Brand: Bowmore
  • Product Code: CL-20162-NVB
Fragrantly smoky. Perfumy, very floral. Hessian. Sea air. Astonishingly fresh, delicious, appetising, complex

Perfumy start. Hint of flowering currant. Nutty. Layers of dry, black-treacle, maltiness.

Smooth. Polished stone. Hard, salty, licqourice.

Not that dark - just tawny. Whisky in its mid teens, I would say, but from superb sherry casks.
  • Matured in an inspired combination of both bourbon and sherry casks
  • It's the final three years spent in Oloroso sherry casks that gives it the rich, deep colour reflected in its name
  • Delicious dark chocolate, sun-dried fruits and a tell-tale wisp of Islay smoke with wonderful cedar wood and rich treacle toffee
  • As gloriously intense as the name implies, with leather and spice doing battle for your attention on the nose, all prevented from overdoing it by the elegant sweetness

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